Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Catching up!!

Apologies to my fellow bakers! Traveling, work and life in general have made me fall bahind as far as blogging is concerned. Also, being new to this sport, even creating a new entry is not a simple event!

But......... I HAVE been baking. With mixed success but i think (I am afraid to say this out loud) that I am getting a little better. And i mean little.

So to catch up.....

Here are my Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

I didn't have much trouble making them but I did need to use a lot more water than the recipe called for. Having said that they were so rich that i would make smaller ones next time and serve with ice cream. I had to join Weight Watchers after eating a couple!
And my Rugelach....forgot the egg wash but they were lovely to eat. What a mess though!!

And finally my Irish Soda Bread


Not normally a favorite in our house but if you cut a thin slice and grill it its quite nice!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well this did not go as planned!!

On my first try i ended up with this!!

Surely this isn't right!!!
I used yeast in envelopes and i found that 1 envelope isn't quite 1Tablespoon so i opened 2. My KitchenAid struggled and gave me this horrible dough!
So i started again and made only 1 loaf (only had enough yeast for 1).
This is what i got

Better but still.........

And we ended up with this!

You think i cracked it right?


Bread was kinda "wet" and falling apart when sliced. Now can we all agree my blog name is deserved???

I STILL have no idea what I did wrong which s my biggest problem!

Oh well! On to the Chocolate Tartlets!! God
 help me

Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Beginning

Corny title I know but I am setting this up while working and frankly this is the best I could come up with!

I am a keen cook and i have always wanted to do more baking but my attempts have been infrequent and success unreliable. I have been searching for the killer chocolate cake recipe for years!

So, here I am. Joining Tuesdays with Dorie and it seems I need a blog!

Lets see how this goes!