Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well this did not go as planned!!

On my first try i ended up with this!!

Surely this isn't right!!!
I used yeast in envelopes and i found that 1 envelope isn't quite 1Tablespoon so i opened 2. My KitchenAid struggled and gave me this horrible dough!
So i started again and made only 1 loaf (only had enough yeast for 1).
This is what i got

Better but still.........

And we ended up with this!

You think i cracked it right?


Bread was kinda "wet" and falling apart when sliced. Now can we all agree my blog name is deserved???

I STILL have no idea what I did wrong which s my biggest problem!

Oh well! On to the Chocolate Tartlets!! God
 help me


  1. Dear Yeastly Challenged, God bless you for not giving up! I made my first bread dough 40 years ago (I know that makes me sound ancient, but I was very young ...) anyway, I made many a loaf that was wet in the middle or hard as a rock. I am not quite sure what you did wrong, but I have a feeling you are going to just get better and better! Thanks for sharing. See you Tuesday ... Chocolate Tartlets -- I will "check in" on you! Catherine www.praycookblog.com

    1. Thank you!

      I need the support! I don't understand why I can cook to high standards but baking escapes me! My mother is the same, its hereditary.

      Never been one to refuse a challenge, I will persevere!